Monday, July 21, 2014

Oregon Coast Scenes: Part 2

Pacific City, Oregon.  It's a few miles off hwy 101 along the Oregon coast,  but worth the visit.

This almost looks like a scene plucked from the coast of Maine, but it's not.  This rocky path to a New England style home is at Proposal Rock on the Oregon Coast.  

Restaurant and store grace the entrance to Proposal Rock just north of Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast.  

Proposal Rock is a great beach for walkers.

On hwy 101 there are plenty of pull-outs for viewing the coastline.  At this pull out north of Lincoln City I photographed a young woman playing the guitar.  

I drove through the rocks just before the viewpoint.  It was my last stop along the coast before heading home.  

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Monday, July 14, 2014

Summertime Camping at Cresap Bay

     These kids are so cute!  Camping is definitely first and foremost all about young families and kids.

And, every once in a while it's for sisters who camped when they were kids, and loved it.

Thankfully, my sister borrowed her daughter's tent trailer or we would have been sleeping on the ground.

I love having camp hosts.  They are there to help, and these two were fabulous.

Where there are kids and water you know there will be a colorful assortment of beach towels.  

And this is why . . . . . . . 

And, this is why . . . . .  

And, once again, this is why.

Here's the bucket brigade.

Cooling off was the best part of being on the bay.  It was 95 degrees this day.

But when it cooled down, it was very nice.

The sunset was amazing.

There was a full moon so we enjoyed watching all the activity in the campground in the early evening hours.


Whiffle ball.

I'm looking for the star player;  The whiffle ball MVP.

Oh, there he is!

The game is over and this little fella is tired and ready for bed.

One last view of the Cresap Bay for these older boys.  

And, then it was off to sleep.  What a great weekend we had camping out.

Hey, excuse me but this campground is in Washington state not South Carolina!  No alligators allowed!

Happy Feet ready to go for another day.

My sister told me asking a photographer to go camping with her was an act of sheer desperation .  LOL!  She's right about that.  

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fourth of July; Small town parade draws kids, floats, music and more

I love small town parades.  This year I went to the Ridgefield, Washington parade.  What a fun time.  Here are the pics.


A baby going by, being pulled in a wagon, is a  little bit tentative about the whole parade thing, and especially the crowds.  


But, here is an older girl who is obviously unaffected by the parade crowds.  She has a job to do.  She happens to be a member of the candy brigade, and this is no easy membership.  There are thousands of children along the parade route, each one hoping for a treat from her.    

These girls are adorable.  Love the scooters.  

This boy scout is learning the art of fund raising. 

Awwww . . . . . Princesses!  These lovely ladies are representing the town of La Center, another small community in Washington state.  That's actually the queen in the backgound, on top.  

More waiting.  Will the parade ever begin?

The whole town is waiting.

Another member of the candy brigade.  Looks like she's having a great time already!

See that lady in front of the firetruck?  She has candy.  See those boys?  They are hoping some of the candy will fall their way.  Can you sense a theme here?  I love the superman cape!

And, here's a creative mom with her "Cat In The Hat" costumed kids.  Soooo clever, and cute!  

Love the excitement, and the smiles!

These boys were playing football even as the first floats were bearing down on them.   Loved it.

Running for the ball, plus a cheering crowd = A pretty great Time!  Who needs the Superbowl!

Toddler on the loose!    But . . . . . it's a small town.   

Chalk art in the background tells its own story;  If you get to town early for the best seats, you better bring something to do to wile away the time.  You'll be sitting for hours.  

It's a fumble!

Ready to go, with flags waving!

I like the white dresses against Pacific Northwest evergreens.  

The parade is about to begin.  Time to find a seat.  

Martha Washington is on her float, ready to roll.

And, the parade begins . . . . with the coolest train engine ever!

A Pirate Ship!

And . . . . .teeth.  Of course.  Must be baby teeth.  Sooooo cute.  And, with all the candy flowing down the streets, there has to be some kind of preventative care.  

This was my favorite, an old fashioned telephone.  It was ringing!!!!!   Too funny!

Of course there needs to be a tractor.  

Kids love tractors!

And floats of all kinds.  Here they come, one right after the other.  

And, dancers.

And, singers.

And . . . . . here's the donut lady!  

The parade ended, as all parades do . . . .  so I'm glad to have these pictures to remember it by.  Here are a few more just random shots, for fun.  Happy Fourth of July, Ya'll!



Time to go, but we'll be back next year.